Tuesday, July 11, 2006

2 New shows. Good? I think so.

First was Eureka, a show about a normal sheriff in a town of geniuses. I have seen ads and stuff for this show, but just now have I seen the preview. Take a look and see what you think!
Also, coming soon is "Heroes". Saw 2 new previews for the show on tonight’s “Last Comic Standing”.
In the first, a cheerleader goes up a metal walkway and hurls herself off while a friend videotapes. He runs over and she gets up, takes her dislocated shoulder and sets it, looks at the camera and says “That was the 6th attempt”.
In the second one, a guy jumps off a building, plunges to the ground, and then you see soaring and he says “I think I can fly”

This is starting to look interesting. They will probably never last, but, we cane enjoy them while they do!
More good stuff! Made in Eureka!


adam said...

I just have recently seen the tv spots for "Eureka." It looks kinda interesting.

Nat-Wu said...

Definitely interesting concepts, but the problem is whether they'll really utilize them or not. Sometimes it's like writers have exactly one good idea to start the show with, and quickly run out. I can see some really good shows being made out of this, but I can also see them going to crap really quick. I'll hope they're good though and I'll give them a try.