Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm going to name this post... What in the hell were they thinking???

While "working" a very boring Sunday at VR, I decided to get up-to-date on my blogline subscriptions and all I have to say for the things I'm going to show you is what in the hell where they thinking!

First of all, it's so hard being a FISH!

Okay this is mainly for the guys... but do you really want to look at fish while pissing?

Next up, taking shithead to a whole 'nother meaning!

Not sure if this is a trend or what, but this guy doesn't seem too happy about wearing this poopy-looking hat. For some reason it's called a scat hat if you guys want one.

Thirdly, looking for a diet motivator?
Check out this all-too-realistic anatomically correct replica of one pound of human fat, complete with blood supply. Keep it on your dinner table and watch everybody lose their appetite. For even stronger motivation, you can buy the five-pounds-of-human-fat version. Available at Amazon for only $35!

Another one for you guys... What do you guys get bored while pissing???

Why should a sentence like this ever exist... turn a simple task like urinating into a fun and exciting game. Pressure-sensitive display pad are placed within the urinal and when it is impacted an interactive game will be triggered on a front display screen. The target inside the urinal is small with hopes to improve restroom hygiene and save on clean-up costs.


James said...

Sure, look at fish while we're peeing. why not.
It's not like we would AIM at the fish. :)

Xanthippas said...

The term "scat hat" should be obliterated from the English language and the memory of all English (and Engrish) speakers.

Nat-Wu said...

As for the last one, why not play pee games? I just want one for when I go #2 as well!

James said...

'scat hat'? I thought it was an ad for that new restaurant. It's like Arby's
Have you seen them?
"Hmm, I'm thinking Poopies"