Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Women of Star Trek

Someone who posseses greater clarity of their purpose in life than I do, has catalogued an exhaustive listing (with pictures) of all the women who have appeared in the original Star Trek television show. It was in going through some of these pictures (while avoiding doing what I was supposed to be doing of course) that I discovered that Star Trek hosted a wide variety of women who really weren't all that attractive. For example:

(Although to be fair, she had some weird aging disease)

Or how about this one:

Identified only as "unknown cutpurse." How sad. Or this one:

Okay she's not ugly or anything...but how did she get her hair to do that??

But as befitting the romancer that was Captain Kirk, the show did also have it's share of human/alien/robot hunnies:

Oh yeah. These ladies would be naughty in any part of the known universe. Or how about a little more mature of a beauty:

And my personal favorite, Yeoman Teresa Ross:

Anyway, I didn't realize that many women had been in the show, and I'm more than a little impresed by someone who cataloged the characters and what they did. Now if we could find out who the actresses were who portrayed them and give everyone their proper credit, that would be icing on the cake. Maybe I'll send an e-mail suggesting just that...


Nat-Wu said...

Yes, sadly, the original Star Trek is not a hot bed of hot women.