Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blow it Up

Guess what these are for. No really, take a long look, and guess:

If you said "to block the awful smell of the diseased flatulance eminating from your dirty bottom" you're right! Pat yourself on the back (but not the butt unless you're already wearing these!)

The pants have a built in filter and airtight fit to ensure the elimination of nasty odours.

Makers Under-Tec say the "gas eaters", officially called Under-Ease, are no joke but a "serious product that serves a purpose".

They say the pants "relieve the pain without the shame" and "improve social confidence".

Or more accurately, they relieve you of the "pain" of having to obey social custom by not befouling your immediate surroundings and ruining the appetite/day of anyone with the misfortune of being trapped near your rotting bowels. But I also imagine that a group of guys with a pair of these and too much to drink might, upon taking a trip to Pancho's Mexican Buffet, try to find out exactly how effective "activated carbon" really is compared to the power of a dozen or so "activated" colons.


adam said...

How did you find this?

Xanthippas said...

Totally random link clicking on Bloglines.

James said...


Hipster said...

You know... this could be two needed products in one, perfect for that guy wanting a little more junk in the trunk and something to cover up his stinky poots.

Xanthippas said...

I'm not sure that the mid-butt hanging junk is the kind anybody should be looking for.