Saturday, January 20, 2007

Moran's (Usually) Welcome

This is what counts as fun in St. Pete

At least, in most cases, unless their last name is actually "Moran" in which case we have to consider these things on a case by case basis. And this person-Rachel Moran-is most assuredly disqualified, pretty much solely on the basis of the company she keeps:

We are thinking about proving this nuisance and need for civil action by making a short film called “Eddie Rolls on the Homeless,” whereby [Moran friend] Mark secretly videotapes me [said Moran] and Lil Sis [Moran] in a variety of situations to see how many homeless people approach us and, then, how many of these situations escalate into harrassment. Then, he’s gonna videotape [Moran friend] Eddie in the same scenarios, only Eddie is going to beat up every homeless person who escalates the contact after being told that his panhandling is illegal and annoying.

Later in comments, Moran claims to be emulating Jonathan Swift's gift for humor and satire with her post, by which she means to say "only kidding." But we here at Nifty Stacks know something about that old beast humor (we also know better to compare ourselves to Jon Swift, unless it's this one, and he's still funnier than us) and we know that generally, picking on people who are weaker than us, more mentally ill than us, and harder up for luck than us, is just a no-winner when it comes to the ha-ha department unless they're victims of Japanese pranks of course, and especially if the prank involves a toilet. It's just that dropping rocks on the person 30 rungs down on you on the ladder of life just ain't that funny.

Anyway, sorry Rachel, but you're one Moran who is most assuredly not welcome here. However, I do believe they're are looking for some new help here.