Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I'm sure all of you have heard of the most famous film ever filmed in Esperanto, "Incubus." However, not many have seen it. Well, follow the link above for some clips from the film, including a ridiculous trailer for the re-release (personally, I wouldn't have gone for the snarky approach), the final scene in the film (including the longest fight/rape scene with a goat ever filmed) and a short clip of Shatner's hilarious commentary on the film. I'm not sure any man has ever enjoyed as much fame for his willingness to mock himself, and it's all deserved.


adam said...

That's awesome, though sometimes I question whether we should keep encouraging Shatner's clear insanity. Oh well, it's hilarious for the rest of us.

James said...

It played in the background of Blade:Trinity, and many signs were also in Esperanto