Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rocks in our pockets and gravestones above our heads is all we'll get from this journey

In the interests of privacy I rarely post any real pictures of members of this blog. But I snapped this one last weekend at a local medieval festival. The tall one is Nat-Wu.

I don't know who that kid is. Drake said something about him being his "familiar" but I think he was just trying to get the kid to give him $5 for a turkey leg.


adam said...


Nat-Wu said...

I'm never doing that costume again. I was stumbling around all day and people kept poking my cyclops eye. Drake's the one with the wicked axe. You're not supposed to bring real weapons to the fair, but I guess they thought it was just a good replica. Until he started using it to bust down the fajita stand when they stiffed him on change.