Friday, March 27, 2009

War Stories, pt. II

Tuesday I informed you that some of our members have participating in not one, but two, embarrassing activities as adults; RPGs and paintball. I promised more war stories, and today I deliver with this gem from Drake21, one our bloggers and fellow paintballers, who asked me to share this anecdote with the world. This is from the same e-mail thread that prompted my own personal moment of sharing. Once again, names have been altered to protect the guilty:

The day started like any other August Saturday in Texas, mid 80's pushing for the upper 90's. just the way I like it. Today was a day for paintball, my closest friends and I were in route to the field. Sign up, join the walk-ons and get sweaty. Six of us, me, [Nat-Wu], Chad, Tony, Danny, and William are ready for some field combat. We arrive, gear up and move out with the other players. Two teenagers we had played with before recognize us and join us on the walk to the field, Aaron and Dave are two good kids that listen, great on the field. We are heading to the Trench, a nice little field with a natural trench that goes almost the length of the field, a good 80 yards, and is 4 feet deep at the most and 4 feet wide. With patches of high grass on foot high mounds on the top, it makes for a great natural barrier. The left side sports a novel bunker, more of a small building on the far left side with angles to 3 directions, each wall sports two gun ports 8 inches long by 4 inches tall. The right side is more open with short bunkers and a large "dog house" as the primary cover. We arrive at the field and try to divvy up the teams, my friends and I have no problem whatsoever in shooting at each other, but some others didn't want to break up their little groups putting 22 of the 30 on one side… the ref began to get frustrated with them, I in my traditional cavalier style stated "sounds good, make them walk." "I don't care if we are outnumbered, I came to play, make them walk and lets start the show." My "team" and I quickly assess and make a strategy, 4 two man teams, one hard left (that would be me and Aaron), one just left of the trench, one just right of the trench and one far right. Keep communication open. The game starts and paint is flying right away, the other team immediately makes a move for the "house" on the left, it being a pivotal position. I am still about 40 feet from the bunker, but while sporting a Spyder AMD with a 16 inch Armson sniper barrel, I level and fire the only place I can, through the building. I stop their advance 20 feet from their desired location. While I saved the position it did create a new problem, with their hard advance to the side, their new position gave them a great crossfire on Chad and Dave on the trench. I order Aaron to a bunker forward of me so he can get suppress fire on the enemy and free up our teammates. At this time we hear the other team screaming to clear the "house", they think I am in it since my shots are coming form it. I score 3 kills in the exchange, but while reloading they move hard to the building. Two men take it and pull up confused, there is no one here is shouted to their comrades, as they both take fire form me and soon are down. With them down my side scores the 7th kill,and  Chad makes his push from the trench side. Aaron and Dave provide cover fire and the 4 remaining enemies are dispatched. We take the north side of the field and get position behind and to the side of the remaining enemies helping our right side teammates end their siege.

That's correct: we take this seriously enough to write narrative after-action accounts in private to each other, even if we were all actually there and saw the events in person. Like any good after action review we have Nat-Wu's account from the other side of the field, but I think I'll save that for later.