Friday, April 24, 2009

Warp 11!!!

Via Topless Robot (of course), an introduction to the Star Trek-inspired parody band "Warp 11":

Responses from Trekkies to this probably range from slitting of wrists to grabbing of pitchforks to moshing and firing up the lighters. Me? I'm getting my nuclear "wessle" ready for inspection.

While we're on the subject of parody bands, a few weeks ago Nat-Wu sent me and Adam a link to this newest offering from Steel Panther (formerlyMetal Skool):

I'm thinking of sending an email to Steel Panther and Warp 11 and asking if they'd consider touring together. It'd be the parody band equivalent of seeing Powerman 5000 play with Warrant, or something like that.


Nat-Wu said...

Metal Skool would have ruled back in the day.