Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Another terrible book about Indians by white Christians

Cherokee Rose (A Place to Call Home #1) 

This book is as bad as the cover looks. And that lady looks like Famke Janssen, not any Cherokee I've ever seen. This may not be evident from the cover, but this book is set before and during the Trail of Tears, which means the cover depicting some lady in possibly a Sioux dress out on the plains is just ridiculous, as Tennessee has no plains to speak of and Cherokees had their own clothes. The writing is horrible, the factual errors numerous, and the fact that this is a Christian book makes it even less believable. The first review on the Amazon page details some of the historical mistakes, but trust me, there are plenty more. In short, another terrible book about Indians written by white people. 


Three Wise Men said...

Nice. Pair a writer who's uninsterested in historical accuracy (or respecting the tribe whose history conveniently forms the backdrop for the book they're selling) with an illustrator who's only familiarity with Native Americans comes from watching "Dances with Wolves" and this is what you get: a terrible story that makes you more historically ignorant as you read it! Congratulations Joanna and Al Lacy; this is no small accomplishment.

Nat-Wu said...

Listen white writers, even if you mean well, can you just leave us alone for a while? It's a hard enough world where people ask "There are still Indians? I thought they all died" (actual quote from someone I met at college) without coming in and adding your terrible misinformation. From what little of this book I could bring myself to read, it's obvious the Lacys know nothing of Cherokees, and maybe even how real people talk. We just don't need that kind of help.

Xanthippas said...

Native Americans according to whites: all dead, but still getting their Indian check and going to college for free.