Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Roll to Clean!

It is my goal to someday have a brilliant and innovative idea like this one: soap for gamers. The makers of "Geeky Clean!" are not likely to retire as wealthy and privileged venture capitalists, but still I hope they are handsomely rewarded for this highly amusing (and not unneeded) little product; bars of soap for gamers, at the center of which can be found lovely little d20s (game-ready, I presume.) Here's the description for this particular example:

You've been naughty
So here's the Scoop
You're getting nothing
But Snowman Poop!

Perfect gift for your gamer troop! Includes a black "lump of coal" d20 with an epic fail 1 side up. This shimmery snow white soap is scented with a blend of Mint, Jasmine, and Pine. Perfect for the holidays and makes a great stocking stuffer!

That's only one example. Other scents include "Barbarian Scrub", "Bar Trek" and "Health" (to boost your hit points.) Now if you've met any gamers in real life you know that they are not all gifted with basic social graces, one of those graces being hygiene and cleanliness. So this is the perfect product for the gamer who's coming out of a 72-hour gaming binge and needs a little help with the Dorito stains on his fingers and the Mountain Dew aroma exuding from his pores. He'll hardly stop showering, so eager will he be to get the little prize in the center!

(via Boing Boing)