Monday, January 11, 2010

Some Stuff

Awhile back I wrote about the phenomenon of people who dress like comic-book superheroes and patrol the streets to protect citizens from crime. Well somebody's gone meta with this, writing a comic book about one of these caped crusaders, a comic which has now been turned into a movie. Here's the trailer for it:

Works for me.

Second, here's the trailer for a new documentary "Dungeon Masters" about people who are way seriously into D&D (via Topless Robot.) I'm kind of hoping this will be a little better than Ubergoober...but still, it's a movie about people who play RPGs. If these people's lives were interesting, they wouldn't be playing RPGs.

Trailer for The Dungeon Masters from Dungeon Masters Movie on Vimeo.

Lastly, here's an article on people who have apparently-in all seriousness-decided that the caveman lifestyle is the way to go (via Boing Boing.)

The caveman lifestyle, in Mr. Durant’s interpretation, involves eating large quantities of meat and then fasting between meals to approximate the lean times that his distant ancestors faced between hunts. Vegetables and fruit are fine, but he avoids foods like bread that were unavailable before the invention of agriculture. Mr. Durant believes the human body evolved for a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and his goal is to wean himself off what he sees as many millenniums of bad habits.


Mr. Le Corre, 38, who once made soap for a living, promotes what he calls “mouvement naturel” at exercise retreats in West Virginia and elsewhere. His workouts include scooting around the underbrush on all fours, leaping between boulders, playing catch with stones, and other activities at which he believes early man excelled. These are the “primal, essential skills that I believe everyone should have,” he said in an interview.

Uh, can you say LARPer?