Friday, February 11, 2011

Long Article About Something

NatWu sent me this article, but he was too dumb to post it to the blog first so I'm taking full credit for this:

I'm about 100% sure I've linked to a Topless Robot expose of ridiculous D&D monsters, but I'm way too lazy to go looking for that post, and anyway this one is more thorough and thus hilarious:

The "Gas Spore" is a monster that looks like a Beholder...only when you attack it, it explodes and infects you with deadly spores that will kill you. So, we've got a monster that is a monster you have to fight as well as a monster that exists only to look like a monster you have to fight. This brings up the first issue I have with D&D: There is no hope for you if you exist in this world. Nothing can be trusted. If the game master wants to kill you, you're dead. Think I'm exaggerating? Wait until I show you the monster that kills you by becoming your pants and tricking you into putting them on.

Really though, did we know any better at our age? Well, I mean this guy did...but the rest of us?