Thursday, March 05, 2009

Miley Cyrus hates Thom Yorke because he has a secret

First off, I never thought that we'd end up mentioning Miley Cyrus on this blog. But hey, if you're a devoted fan of hers who ended up on this site after searching for stuff about her, welcome. We've got plenty to amuse you!

Anyway, this strange post was brought on by an odd piece of news (I don't know where Xanthippas gets this stuff!) that young Miley was dissed by Radiohead when she wanted a backstage meeting. Here's the story:

The gist: Apparently, Radiohead are the only band in the world Miley "would cry over," and "they're the reason I love music," which is shocking enough. (Next thing you know her favorite album turns out to be Amnesiac and she's doing an acoustic cover of "Like Spinning Plates" in concert.) So when she tried to get her people to pull some strings for an awkward backstage meeting at the Grammys, Radiohead's crew told Miley's crew that the band "doesn't really do that." Amazing.

Read the rest if you really care. Anyway, the point is that at the bottom of that post there's a link to a very old, not very good, video of Radiohead's. Now, I wish I could get a good screencap of the video so you could see exactly how odd looking Thom Yorke is in it. Still, I realized that Thom Yorke has been keeping a secret from us all: he doubles as a female actor who goes by the name Tilda Swinton! Don't believe me? Look at the evidence!


Xanthippas said...

Genius! This is hard-hitting journalism at its best. I only hope that some intrepid reporter will hit Yorke/Swinton with the hard questions about who he/she REALLY is.

Also, that video and song seriously undermines Radiohead's credibility. They need to stay on the DL about that (in similar fashion to Alice in Chains, who started out as a glam band.)

Nat-Wu said...

Nat-Wu always comes through for our loyal readers. It's truly a joy when I can break a story about transgendered pop singer/actresses.