Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gun Kata

I watched "Equilibrium" again on TV last night. It was universally panned when it came out in theaters (for literally, about a week), but it's honestly an underrated movie. Sure, it's derivative and has at least one hilariously bad (and unnecessary) CGI shot, but otherwise Christian Bale carries the scifi-actioner perfectly all the way through this extremely satisfying climax:


Nat-Wu said...

I liked it, but I go pretty easy on action flicks. It was mildly pretentious, but at least only mildly. It's got a 7.8 on IMDB. Intersting fact, if true:

"The film was not given a wide release because it had already run into profit as a result of overseas sales, and Miramax didn't want to risk turning a money maker into a loss."

Xanthippas said...

It's silly, but honestly....what sci-fi action flicks aren't? I thought it was entertaining for the price of admission, and that's all I asked of it so I'm happy. And it definitely rates as a "must watch" if I'm at home with nothing else to do, which is a decent rating in my book.

Nat-Wu said...

The gun kata was pretty damn cool and the final fight was pretty good. The movie really wasn't as pretentious as many others of its ilk are, which somewhat redeems it. Trust me, look up "Fortress" with Christopher Lambert for an example of a film that was overly-ambitious and thus ended up being terrible. Although I did not know that this director was responsible for the travesty that was Ultra Violet, so while years ago I was willing to forgive him for his directorial "mistakes" in this film, I now see they were deliberate choices which I really can't forgive him for. The only reason to have Milla Jovovich in your film is to get her naked, and the lack of that in UV pretty much meant it had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Anyway, yeah, watch Equilibrium. It's better than Johnny Mnemonic.