Friday, July 03, 2009

"Cobra Christ Superstar"

Certainly you would believe me if I told you someone made a satirical and humorous musical starring the various villains of the GI Joe cartoon show. I mean, that's just how we roll in this millennium. Still, it must be seen to be entirely believed (via Topless Robot, via Adam):

Adam says it's probably better than the forthcoming movie, and he's probably right, but let's weigh the pros and cons:

Cobra Christ Superstar

Pros: Probably funny, and intentionally so. Probably shorter than the movie. No crushed expectations. Hot Baroness that you will see almost the entire time.

Cons: Possibly not all that funny. Cobra Commander's screeching voice, sung or shrieked at you for an hour or two.

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Pros: Probably funny, but only ever unintentionally so. Possibly less expensive, unless you visit the concessions. Hot Baroness you will see sporadically.

Cons: Otherwise, an entirely horrible experience.

Clearly, Cobra Christ Superstar wins by a landslide. Go see it!