Friday, July 03, 2009

Damn Furries!

Via Deadspin, hilarity about how the Milwaukee Brewers ended up spending time in a hotel with hundreds of furry convention attendees:

Virtually everyone, even those who looked otherwise "normal", had a tail sticking out of their clothes in the back. Players and staff reported neighboring rooms generating loud animal noises, barking and other, deep into the night. At first it was kind of funny to see these people wandering around the downtown streets and filing into the hotel, but after the novelty wore off it just made everyone feel creepy. The "furries" seem harmless enough, but people who think they might be an animal trapped in a human body just are unnervingly odd, to say the least.

"Animal noises...deep into the night." That's so brilliant, I don't know how on Earth this could NOT be a prank. Also as a result of this post I have accidentally discovered "WikiFur", the Wikipedia of Furries. So, thanks Brewers.


Nat-Wu said...

What's so wrong with furries?

Xanthippas said...

"Animal noises...deep into the night."

Need I say more?